Rimwalker Pacific Company was established in 1991 as a professional supplier of hardware, security locks, auto parts and other related products. Over the past two decades our manufacturing base in China has expanded its scope and capabilities. Using the growth of SME’s in China, we have grown to become a leading supplier to North America, South-Africa, Israel and Europe. In addition, we also support business sectors around the world that use products such as auto parts, sewing machinery, and medical equipment. In order to stay ahead of a competitive market, we guarantee a reliable source of supply and further improvement of product quality. We understand the ever-changing needs of consumers as well as the business needs of our dealers. We provide support for both OEM and ODM design level requirements. Backed with the best warranty in the manufacturing industry, we are best known for products being delivered, qualified, and on time. We have a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience to meet the needs of our customers. Due to both high-quality products and service, we have established a worldwide sales network. A great number of our customers have enjoyed long-term cooperation and partnership with us. Rimwalker Pacific Company is qualified by ISO 9001-2008 in accordance with BSI, Nov. 2013.